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  STAR OF THE MONTH: MEET DJ QUEST DJ Quest describes himself as the African version of Electronic Dance Music, capable of reaching the iconic level of the likes of Avicii. Ali Phiri aka DJ Quest was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe and he is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. DJ Quest grew up in a music loving home and his parents are his biggest fans. The DJ/producer started his musical journey in high school and he never looked back since then. His music skills include an infectious melody and hard hitting bass. DJ Quest grew up listening to different genres of music, however EDM is a genre that he has always been passionate about. He describes EDM as a genre that is universal and people from different parts of the world will always dance to it. Like everyone else DJ Quest has encountered challenges along the way, not everyone understands EDM and finding the right people to work with was difficult. These challenges led to him almost giving up, with the perfect timing he found