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STAR OF THE MONTH Our star of the month is the charismatic Chipo K aka Madam Blogger aka independent blogger, she is a well-known blogger and she resides in the City of Bulawayo. She finds joy in seeing women win specifically in media. She is a talented young lady with a bright future ahead of her. I was intrigued by her winter ABC challenge on Twitter, I guess the universe was eavesdropping on my intrapersonal conversation and fortunately we met at a summit and here we are. Like any writer she’s had to endure the writer’s block and fight social anxiety. In the interview below she tells us how she had to overcome these challenges she has faced as a blogger. The Independent Blogger Briefly tell us about yourself I am a blogger and I am a student. I am studying media studies at Zimbabwe Open University. I am a sister to one brother. In a nutshell that’s me. What inspired you to start blogging? My diary inspired me to start blogging, unfortunately it was confiscat