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STAR OF THE MONTH : FORTUNATE SIZIBA Our star of the month is Fortunate Siziba , she is a singer and song writer. She recently released her debut album Be Glorified. She also won the best female vocalist award at the Harvest House International clash of hub choirs for two consecutive years. Besides music Fortunate works at the Government of Zimbabwe and she studied banking and finance at Midlands State University and she also studied MSc at the National University of Science and Technology. Fortunate says music plays an important role in her life , it makes her feels alive and this transcends to her audience.  Read the interview below Fortunate Siziba Take us back to when your music journey began  My musical journey began in 2017 when I released my single titled Muzita raJesu . I realized I enjoyed singing at a very tender age. During my primary school period I would try all that I could to join the choir, I just felt like that was my niche, it just made me feel hap