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STAR OF THE MONTH: RAYAAZ NANHANGA This month i am excited to present to you the star of the month Rayaaz Nanhanga also known as Mushina. Rayaaz is a 25 year professional dancer and creative based in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Rayaaz is passionate about the arts and entertainment industry. He is part of Gweru's best dance crew, Voltage dance crew. Voltage Dance crew consists of four members whose common goal is dancing.  Rayaaz is passionate about mentor ship and this led him to open his dance school, Making moves, with the help of the Voltage Dance crew members the aim of the school is to create a platform where upcoming dancers can exchange and learn more about dance. Rayaaz's participation in a competition held in France was a proud moment for Zimbabwe. As a professional dancer his goal is to be legendary.  Read the interview below. You are a well-known dancer, how did you find your niche?    I've always had a passion for music and I found dance as the best way to conn