This month i am excited to present to you the star of the month Rayaaz Nanhanga also known as Mushina. Rayaaz is a 25 year professional dancer and creative based in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Rayaaz is passionate about the arts and entertainment industry. He is part of Gweru's best dance crew, Voltage dance crew. Voltage Dance crew consists of four members whose common goal is dancing.  Rayaaz is passionate about mentor ship and this led him to open his dance school, Making moves, with the help of the Voltage Dance crew members the aim of the school is to create a platform where upcoming dancers can exchange and learn more about dance. Rayaaz's participation in a competition held in France was a proud moment for Zimbabwe. As a professional dancer his goal is to be legendary.  Read the interview below.
You are a well-known dancer, how did you find your niche?  
 I've always had a passion for music and I found dance as the best way to connect with that music and as well as express myself .From the age of 4 I used to watch some TV shows where I'd see people dancing and I felt attracted to that and started learning on my own and trying to get the hang of it as I grew up I became better and enjoyed dancing so much that it became a part of me.
Tell us about Voltage Dance Crew
 Voltage dance crew is a crew made of four members namely Darrel, Dray, Taylor and me. We all came together and were brought together through dance as we share the same passion and vision. We began to build our craft as a crew or should I say family because we have grown together so much, and have been labelled as Gweru's best dance crew, we’ve qualified for national events such as the Amazing talent show, Zim’s got talent and Gweru's got talent. We have encountered challenges along the way such as getting rehearsal space we recently acquired a studio but it's been a challenge for us. The other challenge we've encountered is networking with the right platforms to get better exposure and opportunities.
What are some of the benefits that come with dancing?
 Dancing has so many benefits it’s actually a sport on its own because it's a good way to exercise. It is also another method used to stay fit and healthy and also another way to have better body coordination. Dancing is therapy on its own as you dance to the music you feel relieved and usually forget about the stressful times and enjoy the moment.
How has dancing changed your life?
Dance has changed my life so much. I appreciate it, it has played a huge role in my life. When i started dancing i became focused and goal orientated, there is a certain amount of discipline required for you to become a good dancer. It has made me a better teacher not just within dance but life as well. Dance has made me understand that you should always learn to be the student and not master cause each and every day you have something new to learn.
Besides dancing what are you passionate about?
 I am passionate about mentor ship especially to the youth. I have been able to help someone build their foundation in life. I also have a passion for acting.
To some dancing is considered a hobby and people are skeptical about dancing professionally what are your thoughts on this?
My view on that is dancing is more than a hobby it's a form of entertainment and it is part of the entertainment industry we are the visuals of music so I think it’s just under appreciated and most people don't take a business approach towards dance they don't see the bigger picture but it has a lot to offer and so many people are living off dance as it continues to evolve commercially it’s a professional art form.
Tell us about your dance school
The dance school called Making moves is a dance community formed by my crew and me. It is meant to create a platform where upcoming and well established dancers can share exchange and learn more about dance and as well as bring unity among dancers within Zimbabwe.
What message are you hoping to send through dancing?
The message I want people to receive and get from dance is that we are all original and unique in our own way and we should express ourselves in the uniqueness we have. We must not be imitations of each other but share our stories feelings and life through the different gifts talents and abilities we have been given by God, I believe he is the one who blesses us with such amazing things and we must share these gifts with one another.

How do you remain positive in such difficult times?
Understanding times and seasons has helped me stay positive. Your perception determines your progress. When you begin to see things in a way that it’s just a season that's there to help you grow ,learn and mature you'll grow positively knowing your goals are in reach.
Parting words
I'd just like to say whether you an aspiring dancer, musician, actor or any other profession you are passionate about remain focused. As long as you are focused, cutting off all distractions and negativity you will be able to achieve your goals. When you achieve your goals be humble and never stop learning, that's the only way to continue evolving and maturing your craft.

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