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Star of the month: Christopher Mpofu This month I took a different turn, i decided to do a sports feature (there’s a first time for everything right). Christopher Mpofu who is also known as Bobby is a Zimbabwean cricketer whose playing role is pace bowling. He has been playing on the international scene for over a decade and he has played for major teams such as Amakhosi, Mashonalnd, Matabeleland and Matabeleland Tuskers. Christopher has represented Zimbabwe at Test, ODI and Twenty20 international level. He describes this experience as an experience of a lifetime. According to his Wikipedia page, he is the world record holder for conceding the least number of runs without bowling a maiden over in a T20 international after bowling the complete quota of overs. Read the interview below. Christopher Mpofu Tell us how you got to the level of being an international cricket player. I started playing cricket when I was in high school, I went to Magwegwe high school. Prior to that I wasn’t