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STAR OF THE MONTH: YAZINKOSI MAYAZ NDLOVU Success is not defined by money or properties, but it is defined by fulfilling your purpose. That is our star of the month‘s motto. Yazinkosi Ndlovu who is also known as Mayaz is the founder of Mayaz fashion and Beauty Consultancy. She is a Christian lady who is passionate about women empowerment and she is a risk taker. She loves looking good and this propelled her to start her clothing company. She also hosts seminars which empower women in terms of image and building self-confidence. Not only is she a fashionista but she is an intellect, she has an Honors degree and a masters’ degree in human resources these qualifications have assisted her in becoming the brand she is today.  Yours truly caught up with Mayaz and she had a lot to say. Read below. Tell us about your company and what made you decide to get into business? My business is called Mayaz Fashion and Beauty Consultancy. What I do is, I sell clothes and I also make