Star of the month: Christopher Mpofu

This month I took a different turn, i decided to do a sports feature (there’s a first time for everything right). Christopher Mpofu who is also known as Bobby is a Zimbabwean cricketer whose playing role is pace bowling. He has been playing on the international scene for over a decade and he has played for major teams such as Amakhosi, Mashonalnd, Matabeleland and Matabeleland Tuskers. Christopher has represented Zimbabwe at Test, ODI and Twenty20 international level. He describes this experience as an experience of a lifetime. According to his Wikipedia page, he is the world record holder for conceding the least number of runs without bowling a maiden over in a T20 international after bowling the complete quota of overs. Read the interview below.

Christopher Mpofu

Tell us how you got to the level of being an international cricket player.

I started playing cricket when I was in high school, I went to Magwegwe high school. Prior to that I wasn’t a cricket fan. Whenever there was a cricket match on TV, I used to watch for a few minutes then switch off the TV. I then gave myself time to watch the match that was aired on TV and understand the sport, after that my passion for the sport grew. I joined the cricket team at school and I was selected to be the team captain and it was unexpected. That’s when my journey began ,I enrolled at the Cricket academy in Harare , whilst I was still in Harare I was accepted at the Centre of Excellence Academy in Brisbane , Australia. When I came back from Australia, I played for my province and I was later chosen to be part of the national team.

You have played for major teams in Zimbabwe, how has this experience been for you?

Playing for different teams was a confidence boost for me, unlike playing with the same team. Playing for major teams was an advantage for me as a Zimbabwean cricketer. This is something I cherish in my career.

Tell us about your travel experience to different countries, how was the culture experience for you and how did this experience change your perspective?

This has been an amazing journey, I learnt a lot of things that I never thought I would.  What stood out for me was travelling to the West Indies. I admire the Caribbean way of life, they are jovial, and they love their music and their culture which is something that stood out for me. Travelling to Asian countries was interesting, I enjoyed the food. Travelling to other countries has been a good experience for me and important because I made new friends which is good for my career.

What trials and tribulations have you encountered in your career?

The trials I have experienced are not making it to a team, or being in a team and not performing well. As an experienced player my aim is to do well all the time and this is not the case, there are times when your performance levels as a player are low. At the same time I’ve had good moments and these moments I still treasure till this day.

What are your thoughts on women playing cricket and how can they nurture their skills and grow in a male dominated sport?

That’s a good question, at the moment we have a good team that has potential to grow and nurture their skills outside Zimbabwe. I would like to encourage women who have an interest in cricket to seek proper channels that will assist in their growth and to those who are already playing the sport to continue nurturing their skills. This is a sport that can played by anyone, I don’t see any fault in women playing cricket. I am happy with the progress in the female’s national team they are really doing well.

Which moment do you cherish the most in your career?

The moment I cherish the most is beating Australia in the T20 world cup in South Africa which took place in 2007. Also winning the series against Sri Lanka in 2017, its one of those places that is difficult to conquer and I am proud to be part of the team that was victorious.

How do you keep yourself grounded?

I focus on activities that make me happy I enjoy fishing with my family and playing snooker. These things help me maintain a simple lifestyle and help me get away from everything and enjoy life.

What are some of the misconceptions that people have about cricket players?

Just like any sports person we are treated as the rich and famous and that we don’t care about the next person we see on the street.

Which field will you venture into after you retire?

I am a very secretive person , I share my plans when there is certainty that my plans will go well hahaha but I will still be involved in the sport , it is my passion and I will continue playing my role.

What are your thoughts on the future of Zim cricket?

I still believe we have been through a lot of trials and tribulations. I Still believe we  have a bright future and we are still going forward as long we are focused. With the right team players I believe there is hope for Zim cricket.


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