Our star of the month is Fortunate Siziba , she is a singer and song writer. She recently released her debut album Be Glorified. She also won the best female vocalist award at the Harvest House International clash of hub choirs for two consecutive years. Besides music Fortunate works at the Government of Zimbabwe and she studied banking and finance at Midlands State University and she also studied MSc at the National University of Science and Technology. Fortunate says music plays an important role in her life , it makes her feels alive and this transcends to her audience. 
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Fortunate Siziba

Take us back to when your music journey began 
My musical journey began in 2017 when I released my single titled Muzita raJesu. I realized I enjoyed singing at a very tender age. During my primary school period I would try all that I could to join the choir, I just felt like that was my niche, it just made me feel happy.

Tell us about your album Be Gloried.
I have got one album to my name that I released on the 4th of April 2020. The album is titled Be Glorified which is derived from a song called Pihwai mbiri( I did this song with Jonah Chivasa) which is one of the 8 songs which makes up this album.

You won the best female vocalist award at the clash of the hub choirs , how does it feel to be recognised as a vocalist?
Honestly it felt scary but well we thank God for His Grace which made get those awards. Considering that the Clash of Choirs is an international platform where a lot of choirs with their gifted musicians showcase their talent. It really was an honour and a pleasure to be awarded such an award two years in a row that is 2018 and 2019.

What does family support mean to you in pursuit of your music career?
Family support is what has brought me all this way, if my mum had not granted me that opportunity to pursue my passion  for music under her roof I would by no means have gotten where I am. Family has the power to kill or nurture your calling/ gifting so I thank God that my family has always nurtured my music career. Actually my family is my number one fan. My mum writes my songs and she is the one who listens to the songs first before anyone else listens to the songs. When I record my videos/ live DVDs she will be on the front row and she is proud of me.

We are living in difficult times , the world is faced with the COVID 19 pandemic, as an artist how do you inspire people to remain hopeful? 
What inspires me during these hard times is the word of God, just knowing the promises of God he made for me through His word keeps me going. Regardless of the challenges I face I just have this inner voice which says Keep on moving forward you are doing just fine God has got your back. So to the nation and everyone in it all I do is encourage them through music speaking the word of God through music.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the near future?
If God permits I want to record a song with Minister Michael Mahendere.

What role does music play in your life?
Music plays a great role in my life, it’s like the air I breathe, I feel so alive when I sing and listen to music. Music gives me hope for life,it’s a language that helps me solve mysteries in my life.

How do you balance music and your day job?
Its quite hectic to have a day job and do music as well but I thank God for the grace. There is a saying which says if it matters to you, you will always find time for it. So no matter how tired i am after work i always make time for my music.

Parting words
He who started the great work in you will see it up to the end. It may be tough as you start whatever you are passionate about but know that God gives each of us grace which matches our callings, don’t give up there is hope for you as long as you have the passion for what you love doing.

Social  media details
Facebook: Fortunate Siziba music page
Instagram: @sizibafortunate
Website :

Check out Fortunate 's music video Taura Ndakateera below


  1. Minister Mahendere is my favourite, please make that collabo happen ASAP. 👏👏👏

    1. Thank you dear...our God permitting we will do it

  2. @Tanny you doing well keep on keeping on

  3. Keep on moving minister surely one day you will have the collabo with minister mahendere nothing is impossible with our living God !!!

    1. Oh yes one day we will do it chete...our God is so amazing

  4. You are the best ,you are going far fofo


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