Models edition featuring Shadel Noble

This week’s models edition feature is Shadel Noble, Shadel is a multi-award winning model based in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. He has featured in fashion shows such as the Fashion without Borders in Botswana, the Mpumalanga Fashion and design week in South Africa, Ekurhuleni Fashion week in South Africa.  Shadel holds the male model of the year title and has received an international award at the Mpumalanga Fashion and Design Week and the Best International model at the Zambian Fashion Awards.  Besides modelling Shadel is a basketball player and he plays for the Oilerns team. Despite being timid Shadel has made a name for himself in the modeling industry.
Read the interview below:
What made you venture into modelling?
 A lot of my friends used to ask if I was a model, I guess they had noticed that I had that model look and people I met for the first time used to ask if I was a model. These questions made me venture into modelling because people had seen the potential I have. 
You’ve received numerous awards how does it feel to be recognized for your work?
Well it’s an amazing feeling, this has brought happiness to my life.  Travelling to different countries has been an amazing experience and representing my country has been an honor. I’m happy that people acknowledge my hard work.
You mentioned in your IG live that you are shy, and clearly this didn’t stop you from pursuing a career in modelling, how did you navigate your way into an industry that requires one to be bold and fearless?
Growing up I was very shy, and people would hint that I should pursue modeling I thought that was impossible. I decided to enroll for modelling classes, I was taught by Sarah Mpofu and Talent Mpofu. They taught me how me how to express myself and to bring in the confidence within me. They groomed me very well and I am thankful for the role they played in my career.

 What are some of the false stereotypes you’ve heard about male models that you would like to clarify?
People believe that male models are self-centered and are womanizers this is not true. Some people say male models are gay and some of us are straight. 
You are known as the king of runway, what tips would you give to aspiring models who want to reach your level of expertise?
The modelling industry has its own challenges and its not easy breaking into the industry. Especially in Zimbabwe the industry is still growing. Aspiring models need to have self-will and determination. They need to understand that you won’t be booked for every gig and this shouldn’t discourage them, they should keep going. It’s important not to grow a big head, as an aspiring model it’s important to be humble and to enhance people skills, that’s how you make business contacts.
Take us through your basketball journey?
 I started playing basketball at a very young age, my dad coached me .he is in the hall of fame of Zimbabwe and he is a basketball legend.  I became competitive in high school, I played for the Zim National team 16s, 17s ,18s and 20s. I played for a club called Crossover, I started playing club basketball at the age of 14 and I was intimidated because I was playing against older guys. This helped me a lot, my high school team was one of the top teams in Bulawayo.  I played for Club called   Oilerns, we trained a lot, it involved a lot of hard work and I enjoyed it.
If you were given an option to choose between basketball and modeling what would you choose and why?
That’s a tricky question, I would choose both. At the end of the day it depends on whether I have a basketball game and fashion show on the same day. What’s important is balance and I would still choose both.
How do you remain positive in these difficult times?
I remain positive by praying and practicing patience hopefully one of these days things will come together and work out. All I can say is a positive mind is a good mind.
What are your thoughts on the modeling and fashion industry in Bulawayo?
The modeling industry in Bulawayo is still growing, hopefully in the next three to four years the industry would have grown. What we need to do as Zimbabweans is we need to stick together and support each other. If someone needs your help, assist that person that way the industry will grow.
What advice would you give to people who feel inadequate?
Never give up on your dreams and always fight for your dreams. Nothing comes easy in life, determination is needed.

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