Hey there, so this month I am running with the models edition theme, the star of the month theme has been put on the shelf. This month is exciting as I will be featuring models who are thriving in the modeling industry. The first models edition feature is Nomonde Sigawuke she is also known as Monde Black. Nomonde who was born in Bulawayo is a screen writer, model, blogger, vlogger and she is currently studying BA honors in Film and theatre arts.  Nomonde‘s modelling career began in 2014, she was inspired by Samantha Tshuma and Brita Maseluthulini. Growing up she was fascinated by Miss Tourism and Miss Malaika, these beauty pageants inspired her to pursue a career in modeling. She holds two titles Miss Glamorous 2019 and the Face of Bulawayo Queen 2019. She is currently the face of Vegas Beauty 2019. 

The modeling industry is not all glitz and glamour (a lot happens behind the scenes) and Nomonde has encountered a number of challenges that have not deterred her from pursuing a career in modeling. Models are sometimes not paid in time or they don’t get paid at all this can be discouraging to young men and women who want to grow in the industry. Also there are issues of not being treated fairly in preparation for beauty pageants and runway fashion shows. Regardless of these challenges and sometimes poor working conditions Nomonde soldiers on. 

Nomonde was selected as one of the top 15 women to compete in the Southern Region Miss Career Africa. The Miss Career Africa is the Africa’s radical girls’ education that enriches young women and empowers young female professionals and entrepreneurs. Our girl was selected to be part of this huge platform to represent Zimbabwe.  Not only is she thriving in the modeling industry, she starred in a movie titled Scars which is yet to be released.  She has participated in runway fashion shows and she enjoys runway. 

No one is an island and there are individuals who have contributed to our wellbeing, Nomonde appreciates her childhood best friend Celeste Ncube who has been there for her through thick and thin. She acknowledges the huge role God has played in her. Her future goals are to act in big movies and to own a magazine.  Her desire is to grow and reach greater heights.  

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